2014 Spring+Summer Music Festival Fashion Trends – 2nd Love Cosmetics

Spring and Summer are known to be the most popular seasons for music festivals throughout the country. So you’ve bought your ticket and you’re ready to go? Not just yet! Make sure you’re in with all of the latest Festival Fashion Trends for 2014! It’s time to start figuring out your wardrobe, makeup and hair! Get ready with tips from 2nd Love Cosmetics!


Festival Trend #1: Fringe Fashion


Thought fringes were a thing of the past? Think again because these funky fringes are back in style and are all the rage this season! Whether you’re rocking the fringe with a cute crop top or bag, this look will have you set for your music festival fun!

Festival Trend #2: Glow N Bronzer



For your makeup and face, achieving that sun-kissed look will be key for this season. If you’re looking for a rosy tint or a toasty glow, 2nd Love Cosmetics offers our Baked Glow N Bronzer in three different shades to help you achieve your perfect shade! Your overall look should be a natural, sun-kissed face with neutral eyes, and a pop of color with your lips!


Festival Trend #3: Loose Braids  


Complete your perfect music festival look with a lovely loose braided hairstyle. Either up or down, this style is carefree and romantic, plus it will help keep your hair out of your face while you escape into the music and fun!