Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips from 2nd Love Cosmetics!

Summer may be on its way but there’s still time left for some last minute Spring cleaning for your makeup! Kick-start the summer season with some fresh new goodies to replace your old makeup! It’s time to throw out the old and welcome the new! Get ready for some Spring-cleaning makeup fun with 2ndLove Cosmetics!


Because makeup, unlike food is not required to have an expiration date on the packaging of products, it’s easy for many to lose track of just how long they have been using various beauty products. However, lack of attention to expiration of makeup can lead to skin irritations and infections. A good practice would be to mark the open date of a makeup item using a permanent marker so that you may refer back to this date as time goes by. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:


Blush/bronzer – 18 months

Concealer – 12-18months

Eyeliner – 18 months

Eyeshadow – 18 months – 1 year

Foundation – 1 year

Lipstick/lip gloss – 18 months – 1 year

Mascara – 5 months

Nail polish – 1 year

Powder – 18 months


A safe tip to keep in mind: If any of the above products start to experience changes in texture, color, or smell, go ahead and throw the product out.


Now that you’ve taken the time to reorganize your makeup, there’s no better time than now to start looking for some great replacements for your old products. Just this Spring, 2nd Love launched two new products, our Jet Setter Makeup Kit and Luxe Lace Lipsticks!


Our Jet Setter Makeup Kit has it all; 18 eye shadow colors, 6 lip colors, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, and 2 makeup applicators. This makeup compact is perfect to use while getting ready for your daily activities, special events or taking with you on the go for a quick touch up outside.


Another new item is our Luxe Lace Lipsticks offered in 12 different colors. Our Luxe Lace Lipsticks have a sweet scent, creamy smooth texture, and are all highly pigmented to give your lips luxurious and rich color. These lace lippies are so adorable you’ll want to take them in your purse with you everywhere you go!


With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, there’s plenty of time for you to get started on Spring-cleaning your makeup! Have fun with it and be sure to check up with www.2ndlovecosmetics.com for new products and special promotions to come!