Summer Beach Beauty Tips – 2nd Love Cosmetics

Summer’s approaching and the weather’s heating up! That can only mean one thing… It’s time for some fun in the sun and the beach keeps calling our names! Grab your favorite bikini or that daring one piece, and don’t forget a bottle of sunscreen! Whether you’re walking the pier or sunbathing in the warm, summer sand, get ready to turn heads with these beach beauty tips from 2nd Love Cosmetics!


Get started on your beach beauty prep the night before by investing in a gentle body exfoliating scrub.  A good body scrub will help cleanse and remove dull and dead skin cells on your body. Exfoliation will leave your skin healthy, soft and glowing at the beach the next day! Be sure to give our Freesia Body Scrub a try for a gentle, effective and affordable option.


To achieve a sun-kissed and beautiful glow, use a natural but golden shade of bronzer for your face. To avoid makeup from melting and having sand stick to your body, stay away from thick and creamy foundations/concealers.  Just add a quick swipe of bronzer such as our Baked Marble Blush to your face and you’ll be good to go.


Along with your summer glow, add a pop of color to your look with a fun lipstick from 2nd Love Cosmetics! Color Change Lipstick is available in 6 different colors which change into different shades of red and pink according to your body chemistry! Along with that our Color Change Lipstick is a lightweight and moisturizing alternative to keep your lips from being chapped while you bathe in the sun.



After playing around in the sand and sun, be sure to keep a pack of makeup wipes around for you to stay fresh and clean. Use these to wipe away any sweat, grease or dirt so that you can easily freshen up and quickly fix any stray makeup. Not only do our Aloe Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues wipe away makeup, they are enriched with Vitamin E to help replenish and moisturize your skin to correct any damage from the sun.


Beach beauty is more than just the makeup look for your beach trip but it also consists of the preparation of your skin before your trip, as well as the caring of your skin after your trip. Keep these beach beauty tips in mind and remember to take care of your body and skin before, during, and after all your beach fun!