Winter Beauty Tips from 2nd Love Cosmetics!

After such a hot and dry summer/spring season this year, many of us are probably embracing the cooler temperatures and occasional rain.  Unfortunately for us ladies, the chilly and sometimes dry weather can often take a negative toll on the health and appearance of our face and skin.  To keep yourself looking your best this winter season, be sure to add these three essential beauty tips to your daily makeup routine.


1) Exfoliate to remove dry and chapped skin.

Especially during the winter season, the weather outside can get quite windy and cold. This often leads to a loss in moisture for our face and skin. Some common things we experience as an effect from cold weather include dry, rough skin, and chapped lips. The best way to solve these problems… exfoliate! Here are our two favorite 2nd Love Cosmetics exfoliating products!


Freesia Body Scrub + Lip Scrub


2) Whenever possible, choose cream over powder.

During the summer and spring seasons, powdered foundations and blushes are often ideal as creamier options tend to feel quite heavy and thick in warmer weather. Likewise, during the winter season we highly recommend choosing a cream option to help lock in moisture. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that if you normally have more oily skin, we still recommend powder options and if your skin tends to be on the drier side, we recommend cream options regardless of the seasons. Here are our 2nd Love favorites for cream foundations and blushes!


2nd Love Concealer Foundation + Quick Stick Cream Blush


Last but not least…Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Finally, this one’s a given but it’s something that we feel everyone must always keep in mind. During the winter season it’s extremely important for you to moisturize whenever possible! In addition to lotions and creams, it’s essential for you to have a gentle and moisturizing makeup remover as well. In addition, every now and then show your skin some extra care with a creamy mask for ultra hydration to keep your skin soft and silky smooth. Our two favorites from 2nd Love:


Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues + Moisturizing and Refreshing Face Masks 


Keep these beauty tips in mind and enjoy the wonderful winter season this year! Shop all of your favorite 2nd Love Cosmetics J