2nd Love Cosmetics Top 4 Makeup Trends for Summer 2015

Summer makeup trends this year are dropping a couple of surprises. Instead of the expected glossy lips and pastel eyes, we are seeing bright colored lips and smokey eyes to add something different to the spirit of the summer season. Here are 2nd Love Cosmetic’s top 4 makeup trends for summer 2015!

1. Bold Red or Pretty Pink Lips – The iconic red lips are highlighted during this season. Keep things light though, try not to smear too much on your lips. Apply it lightly but generously, with heavier application in the center. If red’s not for you, a light pretty pink may be the perfect shade for your summer adventures! Try out these 2nd Love products for this look:


2. Natural Look – Less is more! But that doesn’t mean no makeup. Keeping a natural look with minimal makeup is a look you definitely want to try out during this summer season. Show off your healthy complexion with very minimal makeup. Try 2nd Love BB Cream and Concealer Foundation to emphasize your natural glow for perfect-looking skin:


3. Eyeliner – This summer, eye liner is keeping things classic and timeless. Clean winged eye liner gives you the chance to be creative and sophisticated at the same time. Use these 2nd Love Jumbo Eye Pencils for elegant black lines and imaginative gaze:


4. Smokey Eyes – Another surprising trend this summer is dressing up your eyes with dramatic shades! This is a look you might see during the cooler seasons, but it’s definitely making a statement this summer. The possibilities are endless with 2nd Love’s Professional Warm Eyeshadow Palette: