Makeup Spring Cleaning With 2nd Love Cosmetics!

Spring is here! That means it’s time to update your makeup collection! “Spring clean” your beauty bag with 2nd Love Cosmetics and toss aged makeup products to make room for newer spring products! We will help you look through your overflowing makeup box and see which favorites to keep, and which to toss. Even makeup has an expiration date!
Mascara that you’ve been using for more than 90 days should be tossed out. Enough bacteria has already collected for you to invest in some new mascara. A fresh tube promotes healthier lashes and prevents eye infections. On the topic of eye products, you can keep eye pencils for about two years. To get the best out of your eye pencil, sharpen before use. Restock eye products with:


Lippy products lifespan is about 1-2 years. Keep an eye out for weird scents or unusual colors. A fun tip is to keep lipstick in the fridge to help it last longer! Try 2nd Love’s Luxe Lace Lipstick:


Even though makeup sponges are washable. This reusable make up tool eventually needs a replacement after a month of daily use. Time to buy a new pack of makeup sponges to keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Also, makeup brushes should regularly be cleaned since it is something you use often. Try washing your brushes with baby shampoo! Treat your makeup brushes like
your toothbrush—don’t share! 2nd Love has some brushes for you to restock with:



Always wash your hands before applying foundations, moisturizers and any other skin products. Smell and separation is a good indication that your product needs to be replaced. After opening, skin products are good for about 12 months. You should definitely toss anything that changes in its consistency! Pay attention to smell and colors and make sure to securely place products in areas that won’t affect its condition. There are many things that can factor into how makeup products age such as temperature and ingredients. A quick tip is to always mark the date during the unboxing of a product.

Basic common sense, and a good sense of smell will keep you and your makeup healthy and beautiful. It may be hard to let go of some products, but have fun with it! A spring cleanup means room for new products! Be sure to check out to help you restock.