Contour & Highlight Your Features

The main idea in contouring is to highlight some areas on your face and darken other areas to create defined features. This rising trend is not just for celebrities, with the right tools and equipment you can also join in on the fun and do it at home. For best results always start with a blank canvas. Remove all makeup and wash your face and dry it with a towel. You can exfoliate for a smoother finish, moisturize your face and allow it to soak in the moisturizer for about 5-7 minutes.
Step 1: Prep Your Face
Apply face primer. Then use color correcting crème concealer to erase blemishes and neutralize discoloration. Choose the color that targets your problem areas:

Pink: Brightens skin; conceals gray spots under eye area

Blue: Reduces appearance of imperfections; Neutralizes orange spots and age spots

Purple: Brightens skin; Neutralizes yellow colored imperfections

Green: Neutralizes red tones on the skin, covers blemishes

Step 2: Foundation

Apply your usual foundation all over your face. A good foundation should always match your neck so that you don’t get lines of separation due to color difference. Blend the foundation into your under chin and neck using a foundation brush or your fingers.



To contour, you can use foundation, concealer or bronzer. Start with light foundation, ideally this should not be more than two shades lighter than your usual foundation and apply it to areas where the sun would naturally hit such as:
• the middle of your forehead
• top of your brow line
• along the center of your nose
• on your cheekbones
• the section between the top of your lip and tip of your noses
• at the center of your chins


To sculpt and define your face, you should use a darker foundation or concealer, or matte bronzer. This should be about two shades darker than your usual foundation. Use your finger or a flat brush to highlight these areas on both sides with a dark foundation:
• Along your jawlines from your chin to the ears
• On your forehead near your hairline
• On the sides of your nose
• Hollows of your cheeks


Step 4: Blend, blend, blend!
Take your foundation brush and blend everything in a circular motion. This should be done with care so that there are no visible lines of division and colors don’t spread too much.


Step 5: Dust it
Set everything in place with a good powder. Use a clean face powder brush to add a light coat of powder over your face for a matte finish.


Try contouring with our 2nd Love products to see what works for you and have fun experimenting! Feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show us your final look.