Perfect Eyebrow Powder Kit

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For full and defined perfect eyebrows

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    Create the perfect brow color with 4 different powder shades. Powders can be mixed together or used separately depending on how dark you want it.


    • Create fuller and thicker eyebrows
    • Shapes and sets your eyebrows
    • Sculpt and define your eyebrows for a finished look

    Kit contains: 4 eyebrow powders, 3 stencils, 1 brush applicator

  • Reviews
    1. Chelsea Marie Kowshall
      alright...for the price
      I must admit, when I saw the price of these, I wasn't expecting much. I'm more of a brow pomade/pencil type of person, but i realised a lot of people were hopping on the powder train, so i decided to try it. The powders were amazing, easy to manipulate and very true to their only problem was the brow stencils, which, to be honest, were not helpful at all, and made a huge mess of my brows. The brush was also not very good for application...I used a angled brush to apply the powders.